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Our mission is to present high-integrity, ‘no BS’ financial workshops to empower and radically improve the lives of Australians.

We aim to fill a hole in the market for stimulating and high-quality financial education, with no spruiking, sensationalism, or up-selling.

In a post-financial crisis era where there has evolved a general mistrust of financial advice and institutions, the Money for Life workshops aim to restore integrity and assurance.


With a rapidly changing economic and employment environment, there is a thirst for information, for quality financial and business education, particularly among young Australians, but also across all age groups.

Like many developed countries Australia could be facing an aged pension time bomb as the population ages, but with smarter and informed collective goal setting, planning, and decision-making this need not be the case.

The Money for Life workshop will teach the timeless principles of building wealth safely and securely for the long term, through using the power of compound growth.

We aim to inspire Australians to seize control of their futures.


Our team of speakers are among the most credible in their respective fields, covering economics, financial advisory, share market investing, real estate, accountancy, taxation, and superannuation.

All our speakers practice exactly what they preach.

They all run their own businesses, and have the qualifications, experience, and technical expertise to cut through the noise and add value incisively.

Money for Life aims to empower Australians to be self-reliant and to achieve financial security over time, allowing them to chase and fulfil their dreams.

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